Sorry guys, we aren't able to run the 4 Legged in March 2020.
We are looking to Ramble in spring so keep working on your team building skills until we are back in touch with a new date.

Welcome to The 4 Legged


Our unique day is designed to support the Painga Project and give you the chance to experience one of Clevedon’s most beautiful farms. The 4 Legged is a fun filled and action packed day of racing, adventuring and exploring. With something for everyone, so please join us.

The Classic 4 Legged Race – Grab a kayaker, runner, mountain biker and horse rider and compete as a team over Woodlands Stud and the Wairoa River to take home the glory of being the fastest team. Town or Country registration is also required so that we can see if those Queen St farmers really have what it takes to win our classic race.

The Ramble – Muster up a group of 4 to walk the 8km bush and farm tracks while completing a number of challenges along the way. Think Country Calendar meets The Generation Game! Slow and steady can win the Ramble.

The Recce - It is a great opportunity to walk our tracks and explore beautiful Woodlands Stud at your leisure while watching the Racers thundering around their courses and the Ramblers completing their challenges.

Woodlands Stud is located at 460 North Road,Clevedon.

We are so grateful that our community, competitors, and sponsors give their time, energy, and support to the 4 Legged, knowing that everything we raise goes to the Painga Project.

Painga simply means ‘well-being’. With the Painga Project, we are focused on the health and well-being of students, families and their communities in low decile South Auckland primary and intermediate schools.

We start at primary and intermediate level because childhood inequality begins at the school gate and it should not become a life sentence. We strive to reduce inequality by supporting and creating innovative programmes early in a student’s education. All students deserve to be able to see what their future can be. This is the age when students either step forward into further education or fall back into a life of hardship and poverty.

While there are many interventions and programmes available for secondary schools, we were drawn to the stark realisation that for many primary and intermediate aged students there are very few enabling opportunities available to them. Without a glimpse into what their future can be, there is a real risk that these students completely disengage with education and are lost to themselves, their families and our communities.