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Race instructions for competitors.


8:40 am

Arrive at Lismore, 1132 Clevedon Kawakawa Bay Road

Sign in with the Race marshals.

9:00 am

Kayak Start

Lined up in your boats, paddling left out of the bay, across in front of the oyster beds and left into the Wairoa River. Once up into the river kayakers continue passed the boat club to the Clevedon Cruising Club and turn around the marker outside the club. A marshal will be checking your number off as you turn around.

Paddle back down to Smith’s Boat Club and exit on your left into the concrete slipway.

All kayakers now need to proceed up onto Woodlands Stud to exchange their bibs at the Horse transition either walking or running.

The team Horse Rider can also come down to the boat club and run up onto Woodlands Stud themselves HOLDING the bib. The horse transition is in the first paddock on your right after the yards. Which is still flat ground. When the kayaker gets to the Horse Transition the Horse Rider then puts the bib on. This is when the kayak leg is complete.

Should both the kayaker and horse rider be too a) tired b) old c) infirmed d) or just hate running they can make a $50 donation to the Painga Project and have someone run the bib up to the horse transition. This CAN NOT be your team runner as there isn’t enough time for them to get over to the Run transition unless your rider is on a Donkey.


9:15 am

Horse Ride Start

Horses need to be READY to race by 9.15am. Parking is signed to the right in the turning circle as you enter Woodlands Stud. Walk your horse up to the marked paddock on the righthand side of the driveway. Sign in with the race marshals.

Kayakers will run to you and once your racing bib is on you are good to race.

Follow the White race markers around the course at a speed that suits you and your horse until you reach the Hut over the back. Ride behind the taped area between the bush and the driveway then transition to your Runner in the transition area on the driveway in front of the hut by exchanging your bib.

There is a hose up the back of the Hut and also back down at the yards.


9:15 am

Run Sign In with Marshals

Arrive at Woodlands Stud by 9.15, allowing time to drive over to the back of the farm.

Please sign in with race marshals.

Your race begins with a small on farm loop which brings you back passed the hut and spectators before you head back up the driveway and into the Whitford Forest. Follow the forestry road up a long climb to the marshal at the top where you will cut to your right into the forest for some well-deserved downhill bush running on the downhill mountain bike track. You then wind up the uphill track for a final long downhill to the hut.

Please call out to any Rambling teams that you may come across that you are “coming through”. You will no doubt hear them before you see them.

Please stay behind the white taped area until you reach your transition with the mountain biker.


10:00 am

Mountain Bike Sign In with Marshals

Please arrive by 10am allowing time to drive over to the back of the farm.

Please sign in with race marshals.


Be ready to transition from 10.15am.

The runners will run in between the white tape and the bush area and transition with you in front of the hut. Your first loop takes you back up the driveway and off down into the Whitford Forest. A long climb takes you up to a decision point – Right into the grade 4 technical downhill mountain bike track or a U turn to ride back down the road you have just ridden up. The technical track is only an option for those who have practiced this course prior to race day.

If you are completing the non-technical down hill road section, you will come back to the marshal at the bottom of the road where you came in that connects the forest and Woodlands Stud. Here you will take a left back into the native forest and reconnect with the now, uphill mountain bike track. The technical mountain bikers will automatically connect to this track.

There may be Rambling teams on the UPHILL track so please call out to any Rambling teams that you may come across that you are “coming through”. You will no doubt hear them before you see them.

From here all bikers head up the mountain bike track and return down to the hut, where you will continue passed the spectators and head back up to the driveway to do a loop along the Woodlands Stud ridge.

Heading home through the quarry there is a steep cut down to the bottom of the quarry. If you don’t like the look of it there is a deviation to the left of the cut that takes you around the cut itself.

Glory is for you on the finish line.


8:45 am

Register at the back of Woodlands Stud, 460 North Road, Clevedon

Register with all four members of your team. One member will need to be wearing the team bib throughout the race.

You will complete one large walking loop and a series of challenges to determine the best Rambling team.

Please be aware that some of the areas that you will Ramble are shared spaces for runners and mountain bikers so please make room for these competitors to pass.

After each challenge or walk please return to the main tent to receive your next challenge, try to stay together for your instructions as some of you have a tendency to wander off from your team….

“Vigilance” is the catch cry of Rambling Officials this year as there was some skulduggery by more than one team last year.


9:30 am

Register at Woodlands Stud, 460 North Road, Clevedon


The Recce offers two walking loops on Woodlands Stud. Both loops leave from The 4 Legged base.

Pig Trap Loop is a 3 km walk taking in the best of The 4 Legged Racing Action.

Whitford Forest Loop is a 5 km walk sharing the tracks with mountain bikers and runners.

Please be aware that some of the areas that you will Recce are shared spaces for runners, mountain bikers and horse riders so please make room for these competitors to pass and follow marshal instructions.

We are so grateful that our community, competitors, and sponsors give their time, energy, and support to the 4 Legged, knowing that everything we raise goes to the Painga Project.

Painga simply means ‘well-being’. With the Painga Project, we are focused on the health and well-being of students, families and their communities in low decile South Auckland primary and intermediate schools.

We start at primary and intermediate level because childhood inequality begins at the school gate and it should not become a life sentence. We strive to reduce inequality by supporting and creating innovative programmes early in a student’s education. All students deserve to be able to see what their future can be. This is the age when students either step forward into further education or fall back into a life of hardship and poverty.

While there are many interventions and programmes available for secondary schools, we were drawn to the stark realisation that for many primary and intermediate aged students there are very few enabling opportunities available to them. Without a glimpse into what their future can be, there is a real risk that these students completely disengage with education and are lost to themselves, their families and our communities.