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Town v Country

Just to add an extra bit of competitive bite - when you register for The 4 Legged you will need to enter as either a Town or Country team.

Exact cource distances to be confirmed (as Mother Nature may play havoc), but it will look something like this:


10km, from the sea up the river

The action starts at 9am with your Kayaker leaving from Lismore, the home of Clevedon Coast Oysters. The tide will be your friend with a paddle out of Lismore and passed the oyster beds and into the mouth of the Wairoa River. From here you will paddle up the river passed your exit point and turn around at a marker at the Clevedon Cruising Club before returning to Smith’s farm for an elegant exit in front of the crowd where you will then complete the kayak leg with a short run down the driveway and across the road onto Woodlands Stud, where you will pass your wet race bib over to your Horse Rider.

Sat 1 April 2017
Sat 1 April 2017


This year you will start at the stables and race over to the back of the farm. There will be a short bush section with stream crossings around the varied Woodlands Stud track. No problems if your horse doesnt like the bush there is an alternative track around this area ( for fairness a time penalty will apply if no attempts are made). You race back into the transition are at the hut and pass over to your team runner.

5km, all gates open with bush and open paddock options.

Helmets compulsory for Mountain Bike and Horse Ride.

If you are a rider with a horse and you would like to have a free entry to the race as a rider for a team please email us your details.


10km, all off road stunning bush tracks.

Leaving the Hut you will wind your way upwards towards the back of Woodlands Stud. You will then drop back into the bush for, hopefully, some welcome shade. After a quick down hill you will pass over to your mountain biker.

Sat 1 April 2017
Sat 1 April 2017


Approx 16km with options for all mountain bike riders!

The course here is varied from full mountain bike tracks to gravel farm raceways. This year the mountain bike section has two options. Either you drop down into a technical, grade 4, section or you stay on the gravel road and complete a longer distance.

To qualify to complete the downhill you must have come out to Woodlands Stud on one of the practice evenings (dates to be confirmed) and completed the course. You will then be signed off to complete this mountain bike section on race day.

The mountain bike is a stunning ride that ends with the glory of the 4 Legged finish line!

Helmets are compulsory for the Mountain Bike and Horse legs.

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Here's one final, yet fantastic, reason why you should join us ...

Every dollar of your 4 Legged entry goes to the Painga Project.

We are so grateful that our community, competitors, and sponsors give their time, energy, and support to the 4 Legged, knowing that everything we raise goes to the Painga Project. The work that the Painga Project does in our communities is humbling, so it is a privilege for us to raise money and awareness for them.

Painga simply means ‘well-being’ and the Painga Project is focused on the well-being of primary and intermediate students in low decile South Auckland schools. The Painga Project works to enable a variety of life and learning opportunities through tailored art, music, social, health and sporting programmes within schools. Through these programmes students gain confidence and build pathways into secondary school and beyond.